Week 8 –Positive

I’m not a quitter… that is one thing I do know about myself.  However, sometimes I have pushed on with jobs that didn’t make sense for me or relationships that I knew were not good for me because I didn’t want to quit. Knowing when to quit and when to continue is an important life skill that is difficult to teach. The hardest part, I guess, is wanting a certain outcome and thinking that if I just try harder then it will come.

The ability to choose your reaction to events and to have more of the right “control” is what can make the difference between continuing in a certain direction or changing course.  I am very thankful that I am more aware of my thoughts and am choosing more positive ones.  I still haven’t been able to go an entire day without a negative thought, but when I have them and substitute a positive one, I feel so much better!

One thing I’ve learned from MKMMA is that instead of focusing on the how — the now -and trying to control every step — that it is important to focus on the goals and know that you will get there with your new blueprint operating in the background.  When I look at my shapes posters with the goals and read them I have to quiet my anxiety when I wonder how it will all happen and just trust that it will.  The feeling I have when I am able to do that quickly is one of peace.  Exciting to trust myself instead of “working” so hard at it.  Or, should I say, it’s just working in a more natural way.

I would like to know how others in the class are able to turn off the TV for a week with others living with them who are addicted to it!

8 thoughts on “Week 8 –Positive

  1. Wow, powerful blog! Very great reminder as I think we are all taught to figure things out and come up with a solution. It feels weird and scary to just have a goal without an action plan! But I guess this class IS our action plan. Thanks for a great blog!


  2. Hi Lesley.
    Your first paragraph really hits home with me. I am currently working 40+ hours at a job that totally does not make sense for me to work at. With the exception of a window to stare out of (not even a great window or a good view), it doesn’t have any of the criteria of my DMP. I don’t feel any sense of contribution to society and I definitely don’t earn enough to cover my basics or move forward. So why am I wasting my time?
    Probably comfort zone.
    Luckily, the MKMMA has helped me realize the degree that I’m wasting my time.
    I’m starting to get very uncomfortable about the status quo.
    I think discomfort is very good in that way.

    I live alone so the TV thing is easy. I just have to make sure I’m not wasting time surfing the net or Facebooking!


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  3. Great post, Lesley! I hear what you’re saying… I usually don’t start step A until I’ve got steps A-Z sorted out in my brain. New thoughts, new habits, new outcomes. Excited for us all! Thanks for sharing!


  4. Good lessons for me too in looking at “knowing when to quit”, and recognizing when it may not be good for me. The shapes, goals, posters sure help. If it doesn’t fit in the DMP, then it doesn’t fit in my life. Thanks for putting all that into words as a special reminder.

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  5. Lesley, I understand the problem w/the TV. I announced to my family member that I wasn’t watching TV this week, and went to a different part of the house. Interesting to see how many drawers could be organized, closets cleaned, books read, etc., in a different room away from the tv. My family member honored my commitment and didn’t watch much either, after he saw I wasn’t, and we had some actual conversation instead! Happily, we only have one tv, so it was easy to leave that room. I didn’t say it was easy not seeing the shows I usually watch, but being quiet occupied is a blessing.


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