Week 10 – Little Details

What an interesting week!  When you accept that you are in control of choosing your response, life is easier… except, of course, for those times when your old blueprint kicks in and you find yourself saying things that don’t even sound like you anymore!

The exercise at night with the “Gal in the Glass” poem is responsible, I think, for a higher awareness and ability to forgive myself when I do not choose the best response.  As a Christian, I have long understood about forgiveness from God, and especially by what Jesus did for us, but until now I did not fully understand how important it is to one’s emotional health.  I can truly say that because of this program, I am now able to forgive myself and mean it so I feel it!  Looking at myself in the mirror as I say it helps.  My husband pointed out earlier this week that he thinks I am sometimes hard on others (meaning him!) because I’m hard on myself — all this is true.  When you hear the truth, you cannot turn from it.  I am grateful that I married a man who is able to speak the truth to me in a loving way that I can accept.

I enjoyed hearing somewhere on one of the webinars — I think it was Darlene — about liking your future self.  Perhaps this is why I have done little things this week to make my life easier.  I reorganized the appliances on the kitchen counter into a more logical format and also had a new front door key made in white so I can identify it quickly.  Little details.

The new affirmation has felt good to say this week and listening to my voice recording of my DMP is OK too — in fact, my voice sounds different to me — up until now I have never liked the sound of my voice on a recording, but this time it is different.  I’m noticing the little details of how things are changing. All the pieces are working together!

live simply



7 thoughts on “Week 10 – Little Details

  1. masterkeyjac

    Funny you mention the voice and Darren too, I’ve always disliked my own voice (maybe one reason I never talked a lot). But now, I’m getting more and more ok with it and at times, even like it. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Great post! I love your thoughts on forgiveness and on taking care of one’s self. I also loved how you deciphered your husband’s secret code: “My husband pointed out earlier this week that he thinks I am sometimes hard on others (meaning him!)…” I seriously laughed out loud when I got to that part! Thanks for writing!

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  3. What great awareness! I think many people, maybe especially women, struggle to forgive themselves. But forgiving yourself certainly makes it easier to forgive others. Charity begins at home, right?!

    My DMP includes finding a guy like your husband! 🙂

    How exciting to notice and appreciate all the little changes!

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  4. I love the image of you re-organizing your kitchen appliances and having a more visible key made for yourself — not only are you telling yourself that your love her and forgive her, you are also taking action, doing nice things for her. That is wonderful.


  5. Love Marilyn’s comment that you are doing nice things for “her” – I’m excited for you, Lesley – and will take this to heart for myself! I almost never do anything for myself. Time to start!


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