Thursday, October 30, 2018

Interview with Lesley Carmody by Alice Harris, reporting for CBN, Virginia Beach, VA,  at CBN, the 700 Club.

AH: So, Lesley, I understand that you have been very successful this past year helping many people here in Hampton Roads as well as around the world with your healing techniques.  How did you get into this field?

LC:  Several years ago, I was searching for a solution for myself  by researching different forms of healing.  After pulling together resources from many different areas,  I used them to help me with my emotional and physical health with great results.  The combination of techniques that helped my body, mind and spirit to heal is what I now am able to share with others.  My mentor, Dr. Beth Cuje, shared some of these techniques with me 15 years ago and I am very grateful that I can include them in my work.  She was the first therapist I worked with who used a Christian approach.

AH: Do you incorporate massage into that combination?

LC: Absolutely!  Healing Touch is an integral part of the combination of therapies that I use with my clients.  I find that it can sometimes be a good place to start with a client.

AH: I’m sure our viewers would also like to know about your upcoming book and your ministry to those who are not able to afford your healing coaching services. You focus on the elderly in assisted living centers, right?

LC:  Yes, I am so excited about the book!  It will be released on November 8th and all the proceeds will go towards my non-profit healing coaching business, Complete Fullness.   It brings me such joy to see so many people blessed with healing in their hearts, minds and spirits!  God is the ultimate healer through his Son, Jesus, and I am so honored to be able to bring that healing message and knowledge to those who want it.

AH:  Thank you for speaking to me today briefly about your work in the area of healing.  Do you have anything else to add?

LC:  Yes, I would like all your viewers to know that there is hope for true health but it starts with turning to the source of all healing, Jesus Christ.  If you have not accepted him as your Lord and your Saviour, please do not wait any longer.  Thank you.

3 thoughts on “PRESS RELEASE

  1. Love is the Answer! The Love within Us can encompass all healing, serve and Unite all people,
    Together we Are UnConditional Love!

    A Neverending Circulation and Supply of Compassion!



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